DeLoach Vineyards Wines is Not Vegan Friendly

by DeLoach Vineyards
Address: 1791 Olivet Rd
Santa Rosa, California, 95401
Phone: 707.755.3309
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Added: about 7 years ago

Company email (September 2014)

"At DeLoach Vineyards, we traditionally use egg whites in the fining of some of our red wines, and casein and isinglass (milk protein and sturgeon swim bladder that have been dehydrated) in the fining of our white wines. While this is a general overview, each specific wine is treated to match its overall qualities, and there is no “recipe” to the wines. We feel the traditional materials are more at home with our traditional practices and try to eschew the usage of the newer generation of fining materials being made (and marketed as vegan friendly) out of activated plastics."