Kahlúa is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Purchase, New York
Email: http://www.kahlua.com/ca/legal/contact/
URL: http://www.kahlua.com/
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Products by Kahlúa:

Company email: (January 2024)
"Due to the ingredients that are used to create our products, Kahlúa would not be considered suitable for a vegan diet."

Company email: (June 2022)
"Indeed, this is still a process (ed note: making it vegan again) we are working on as it’s an important topic for us. However, this takes time to be implemented.
Let be sure that whenever our product is certified vegan, we will communicate proudly about it."

Company website: December 2021
"These products are lactose free, but not acceptable for a vegan diet."

Company email (December 2021)
"We always love hearing from our valued customers and answering their questions. However, due to the proprietary nature of our products, we do not disclose our ingredients . But rest assured, we comply with all labeling and formulation laws regarding alcoholic beverages to bring you our many great products. If you are still curious as to the ingredients in Kahlua, please visit our website for details on our production processes."

Company email (June 2020)

"For clarity we do not add animal derivatives into our products, however, upon a thorough investigation two years ago, we discovered that one of our sugar suppliers uses a process that is not considered vegan-friendly. While this is a common practice in the industry, it unfortunately also means we are unable to call our Kahlúa suitable for a vegan diet...

"All bottles of Kahlúa are mixed and bottled in the same place, Fort Smith, Arkansa, USA. Up until two years ago when the full production process was scrutinised we were under the assumption our suppliers did not use this method. Upon investigation we were informed that some of the affiliates of this supplier in North America uses the process. For us to be able to tell whether each specific batch is made using the process or not is extremely difficult and costly. Therefore we have the duty to communicate this to consumers, which is what we did and changed the status of Kahlúa to non-vegan friendly.

"With that said, we have now started a process to ensure this is no longer the case and hopefully in 6-12 months will be able to claim Vegan again."

From their FAQ (https://www.kahlua.com/ca/faq/, retrieved May 2020)

"Kahlúa Original and Kahlúa Flavors are NOT acceptable for a vegan diet.

"Kahlúa Ready-To-Drink (RTD's) are also not vegan, since they contain milk and/or milk proteins."

Via Twitter (https://twitter.com/KahluaUS/status/808363210680180739) Dec 12 2016:
"Yes, Kahlúa Salted Caramel is suitable for Vegans."

Company email (July 2014):
"NO, there is no bone char filtering of the sugar." [http://contact.kahlua.com/org/kahlua/d/vegan-friendly/#c905882]

From August 2013 on http://contact.kahlua.com/org/kahlua/d/can-vegans-drink-kahlua/#c345640
"We wanted to double check with our supplier who informs us that they use natural charcoal which may contain bone char. They go on to state no charcoal is present in the product."

Company email (November 2012):
[I contacted Kahlua just to double-check that the sugars used are vegan and not bone-char processed, and inquired about what they consider 'caramel color'. Martin replied very kindly (superb customer service) with this]
"Sorry for the late reply, I wanted to check with the chemist regarding your questions. Our chemist responded:
"The sugar is not filtered through bone char. The sugars used are considered vegan. We do not use white refined sugar. Caramel is also considered vegan as no components are derived from animal origin. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask."

From the FAQ (December 2011)
"Kahlua and Kahlua Flavors are suitable for Vegans. However, the Kahlúa Drinks-to-Go (DTGs) and the Kahlúa Ready-to-Drink (RTDs) contain milk proteins. Therefore, they're not okay for vegans but okay for vegetarians."

Update (2009)
"Kahlua Especial and Kahlua Mocha are also vegan. Company email: The Kahlua Especial is just like our regular Kahlua but the alcohol content higher. The Kahlua Mocha is a blend of 100% Arabica coffee, rum, natural vanilla and real dark chocolate."

Company email:
"The Kahlua Ready To Drink and Drinks To Go both have dairy.
The regular Kahlua, Kahlua Vanilla and Kahlua Hazelnut do not.