Breckenridge Brewery has some vegan options

Address: 600 South Main Street
Denver, Breckenridge, 80204
Phone: 303-623-2739
Fax: 303-573-4877
Checked by: Christina
Double checked by: Jack, Alex
Added: over 12 years ago
Double Checked: over 3 years ago

Products by Breckenridge Brewery:

Company email (February 2018)
"Right now we only have 1 seasonal brand, Pumpkin Spice Latte, which contains lactose sugar. We don’t use any other process or filtration aids or use any other animal ingredients.

"We also have 1 brand, Vanilla Porter, which is brewed and bottled at another facility. I don’t think they use any process or filtration aids, but can’t say that with absolute certainty."

Company Email (circa 2011)
"The only beers that we use anything but malt, hops, barley, and yeast, are our Agave Wheat (agave nectar), Vanilla Porter (vanilla beans and extract), SummerBright (orange and lemon peel). We do not use any of the products in that contain animal byproducts in filtering."

Company Email:
"All of our beers are vegan friendly. We do not use isinglass to clarify; we filter all of our beer except the Agave Wheat, which is unfiltered. We do not add any sugar to our beer."