Trader Joe's Brand Beers is vegan friendly

Address: PO Box 5049
Monrovia, California, 91017
Phone: (626) 599-3700
Checked by: Megan
Double checked by: Elizabeth, Danielle
Added: over 13 years ago
Double Checked: almost 2 years ago

Products by Trader Joe's Brand Beers:

Company contact by phone (October 2012):
"RSVP sparkling wine, a Trader Joe's brand, is vegan, according to Hazel the Customer Service Rep."

Company email (July 2011):
"we have included a list of possible product selections."
[Product list updated]

Company email (April 2010):
"Thank you for your recent inquiry, and we do truly appreciate your interest in our Trader Joe's beer products. Below we have attached a list of beers carried in your local stores that are considered "vegan". We do hope this information helps, and we recommend that you simply stop by and see your store's Captain or First Mate, perhaps the next time you are shopping with us, and they would be more than happy to assist you with locating any of these items to try."

Note from Barnivore Community: March 2010
"Generally the company doesn't produce
their own products...they practice "private labeling", where they buy X number of cases of another company's product and put their own label on it. so, unless they have a policy of only buying vegan beers (which is unlikely because of all of the other animal products they sell), it's quite possible than many of their beers may not be vegan; probably varies year to year."

Company email (March 2008):
"Thank you for contacting us. None of Trader Joe's Brand beers use animal ingredients in the processing or their recipes."