Brewery Lindemans is vegan friendly

Address: Lenniksebaan 1479
Vlezenbeek, 1602
Phone: 02 569 03 90
Fax: 02 569 05 10
Checked by: Shawn
Double checked by: Dagda, Eric, Nicolas, Josh
Added: almost 15 years ago
Double Checked: about 7 years ago

Products by Brewery Lindemans:

Company email (May 2014):
"I ‘m glad to tell you that we don’t use animal ingredients in our beers. No
gelatins, isinglass, colorants (as E120) or other animal products are used
and the aroma’s we use are natural.
To make our beers clear, we only add gallotannins (vegetable) and then
centrifuge our beers.
And all our beers are manufactured and bottled in the same plant in
Vlezenbeek, Belgium."

Company email (July 2012):
"All our beers whom are produced in the brewery do not contain any animal ingredient, this includes also our filtration process.
We have only one site where we make our beers."

UPDATE: February 2010
Company email from Merchant du Vin
" document is currant and correct - other than those of Traquair, no animal products including honey are used in any of our beers."

This status comes via the importer Merchant du Vin, who says:
"All our beers [are vegan]. (Filtering is usually done at breweries with DE or synthetic media in a plate filter; fining is the process of clarifying beer by adding an ingredient - like egg whites, gelatin, or isinglass - that causes proteins and other haze to settle out in a conditioning vessel.)"