Williamsburg Winery has some vegan options

Address: 5800 Wessex Hundred
Williamsburg, Virginia, 23185
Phone: (757) 258-0899
Email: drace@wmbgwine.com
URL: https://www.williamsburgwinery.com/
Checked by: Genevi
Double checked by: Mary
Added: over 7 years ago
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Products by Williamsburg Winery:

Company email (August 2017)
"We had used isinglass, which is an animal product, for fining some of our red wines that are vintage 2012 or older. We eliminated have all animal products from our fining process since then, so any Williamsburg Winery wine vintage 2013 or newer is vegan."

Company Email (circa 2011):
"Our winemaker does use certain animal products in our wines."