Shepherd Neame Hürlimann is Vegan Friendly

by Shepherd Neame Limited
Address: 17 Court Street
Faversham, Kent, ME13 7AX
Phone: +44 1795 532206
Fax: +44 1795 538907
Checked by: Nick
Double checked by: AngelA, Jay, Tony Tofu
Added: over 4 years ago

Note from reader (December 2015):
Kentish Ale from Sainsbury's has a vegan mark on the label

Note from Tony Tofu (March 2013):
"Yeah I contacted Shepheard Neam. They double checked if the Double Drop Stout is Vegan. It deffinately is. I got lots of it for 99p. Bargain for Vegan Stout. It's a nice drink too."

Company email (May 2012):
"None of our cask beers are suitable as they contain a clearing agent made from fish finings. However all of our keg and bottled beers are suitable as they do not contain this agent.
Please note that this only applies to shepherd Neame products as other breweries may use different procedures."

Company email:
"Spitfire is not suitable for vegetarians in cask format. However bottled Spitfire is."

Company email:
"Shepherd Neame's cask ales are not suitable. All bottled ale, bottled lager and draught lager is." See this page for their products:

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