Gemtree 2008 Tadpole Chardonnay Viognier is Not Vegan Friendly

by Gemtree Vineyards
Address: PO Box 164
McLaren Vale, South Australia, 5171
Phone: +61 08 8323 8199
Fax: +61 08 8323 7889
Checked by: Rebecca
Double checked by: Raine
Added: over 6 years ago
Double Checked: almost 2 years ago

Update (August 2016):
Raine notes that Gemtree practices biodynamic agriculture ( which uses animal products extensively in the farming. While we don't know what's in the fertilizer used by other vineyards, we can't call biodynamic-produced wine vegan.

Company email (February 2012):
"Yes all of our wines are vegan-friendly. No fining adds or animals products used.
Also our wine is not produced anywhere else in the world."

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