Hard Row to Hoe Iron Red Bed is Vegan Friendly

by Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards
Address: 300 Ivan Morse Rd
Manson, WA, 98831
Phone: 509-687-3000
Email: jumpintheboat@hardrow.com
URL: http://hardrow.com/
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Added: over 6 years ago

Editor's note (November 2011): updated vegan-friendly wines from the company website (using the search described below).

Company Email:
"We do use isinglass and egg whites in some of our wines but not all. To get the list of vegan wines, go to our Wines page at www.hardrow.com and type 'vegan' in the search box. It will return the list of vegan wines. We use isinglass to fine our white wines, so no whites are on the list. I am looking for a replacement for isinglass so maybe by next year we'll have some vegan white wines as well.

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