Black Isle Organic Goldeneye® Pale Ale (bottle/keg) is Vegan Friendly

by Black Isle Brewery
Address: Old Allangrange
Munlochy, Ross-shire, IV8 8NZ
Phone: +44 (0)1463 811871
Checked by: Craig
Double checked by: Bones, Simon, Hannah
Added: over 5 years ago
Double Checked: over 1 year ago

Company email (November 2016)
"All of our bottled beers are vegan friendly!"

Company email (January 2016)
"All of our beers in bottle and keg are vegan but our cask beer is not as we use isinglass as a fining agent."

Company email (November 2011):
"All our bottled beers are suitable for vegans."

Craig writes:
To quote from their website (
"Organically grown means that it has been produced without harmful artificial fertilisers pesticides or genetically modified organisms. Furthermore, because our beers do not contain finings, they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans."

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