Marble Beers (with honey) is Not Vegan Friendly

by Marble Brewery
Address: 41 Williamson Street
Manchester, M4 4JS
Phone: 0161 8192694
Checked by: Bones
Double checked by: Simon
Added: over 6 years ago
Double Checked: over 4 years ago

Company email (August 2016):
"All of our beer is vegan friendly, we use no isinglass finings at all."

Also, states they're Vegetarian Society Approved.

Note from Heather (January 2014):
"Marble Arch pub, Manchester, Marble Brewery's flagship pub now feature foie gras and veal on their menus (sometimes the main menu, sometimes the specials board). Marble beers have not responded to email or facebook queries regarding this. We're about to start a concerted effort to get them to address this. But in the mean time it would be great if you could let people who visit your website know in case they don't want to buy from a company that profits from foie gras etc (I know I'd want to know, and wish I hadn't ordered a pint there before I saw it on the menu)."

Bones says:
"I have just telephoned (Friday 21/10/11, 14:40 BST) Marble Brewery in Manchester and spoken to James Campbell (Chief Brewer) who confirmed that everything they do, bar the occasional Honey Beer is suitable for vegans, but they don't like to shout about!"

Veg Society website: dated September 2005
"Marble beers are suitable for veggies and vegans"

Copied from Wikipedia: September 2009
"The Marble Brewery is a small brewery in Manchester, England which makes cask ale from only organic and vegetarian ingredients."

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