De Bortoli Black Noble is Not Vegan Friendly

by De Bortoli Wines
Address: De Bortoli Road, PO Box 21
Bilbul, NSW, 2680
Phone: 61 2 6966 0100
Fax: 61 2 6966 0199
Checked by: Emily
Double checked by: Clare, Karla
Added: almost 6 years ago
Double Checked: almost 5 years ago

Company email (September 2016):
"thank you for your query about the 2016 Over Yonder Pinot Noir being vegan friendly. Unfortunately this wine has had gelatine used in the fining process. Please be aware that we are not a vegan certified company and the use of fining agent (egg, milk, isinglass, gelatine etc) may change from vintage to vintage, so please feel free to ask again in the future."

***Editor's note: All the De Bortoli wines have been changed to not vegan-friendly, in light of Clare's note below. Please be aware that this can change by vintage as indicated in their earlier email. It appears they will indicate on the label if animal products were used.***

Note from Clare (October 2012): [in regard to De Bortoli Emeri Pink]
"After getting home and pouring myself a glass I noticed it says right on the label "produced with egg products as a processing aid and traces may remain"."

Company email (August 2011):
"We are not a vegan certified company however the following Yarra Valley products do not mention animal byproducts.

Rococo Blanc de Blancs
Rococo Rosé
Gulf Station Pinot Noir
Gulf Station Cabernet Sauvignon
Gulf Station Shiraz Viognier
Yarra Valley Estate Grown Rosé
Yarra Valley Estate Grown Sauvignon
Yarra Valley Estate Grown Viognier
Yarra Valley Estate Grown Pinot Noir
Yarra Valley Estate Grown Shiraz
Yarra Valley Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon
Yarra Valley Reserve Release Pinot Noir
Yarra Valley Reserve Release Syrah
Yarra Valley Reserve Release Sauvignon
Melba Mimi
Melba Lucia
Black Noble
Emeri Pink Moscato

The usual additives are milk in white wines and egg whites in red wines, these wines listed only declare sulfates so they should be fine. Of course this changes with every vintage, so you may have to check the products by vintage also.
In regards to our manufacturing, our facilities are located in Australia only, as such our processing systems remain consistent with the descriptions provided above."

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