Becker Vineyards RAVEN 2010 is Vegan Friendly

by Becker Vineyards
Address: 464 Becker Farms Road
Stonewall, TX, 78671
Phone: 1-830-644-2681 ext. 302
Checked by: Philip
Double checked by: Max, Margaret
Added: over 8 years ago
Double Checked: about 5 years ago

Company email (December 2012):
"Yes, I’m familiar with wine production and our production and also confirmed with our winemaker Russell Smith. No animal products are used."

Company email (December 2012):
"No, we do not use animal products. We do not use animal products in filtration of wine."

Company email:
"We use animal products in the filtration of our wines."

Company email:
"We use isinglass and alveoli (fish bladder) for fining in our wines."

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