Camelot Wine is Unknown

by Camelot Wines
Address: 425 Aviation Boulevard
Santa Rosa, CA, 95403
Phone: 866-366-4043
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Company email:
"For centuries, winemakers have used traditional, natural techniques to fine and filter their wines. Some of these techniques involve animal byproducts including, for example, egg whites, which may be used and then removed in certain steps of the winemaking process. This may seem odd to those unfamiliar with the centuries-old art of winemaking, however these practices are widely used to this day and often result in levels well below human detection - the scale of which is measured by single parts per million gallons or liters.

While most would consider this level insignificant, we take the concerns of our vegan friends very seriously and in good conscience, do not claim our wines to be 100% vegan. Although there are other wineries that may not make the same decision, we feel that honesty and integrity are the best winemaking techniques and hope our supporters enjoy the results!"