Namibia Breweries Limited is Vegan Friendly

by Namibia Breweries Limited
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To answer your questions below:
Namibia Breweries produces beer according to the German Purity Law which allows us to use only the following ingredients
1. Water (prepared among others with activated carbon and sand filters)
2. Malted Barley (as per Name and we even require checks on residues such as pesticides, GMO, Mycotoxins)
3. Hops (extracted with CO2 or Ethanol)
Even all our aid materials (e.g. Beer Filtration aids -> diatomous earth, SiO2 and PVPP) have to no link to any animal related origin
Thus for a vegan, I can only recommend our beers

For any further info, I'll be glad to assist

Top Brands :
* Windhoek Lager
* Tafel Lager
* Windhoek Light
* Windhoek Draught
* Hansa Draught
* Hansa Pilsener

Speciality Brands :
* Urbock
* Windhoek Special

Licensed Brands
* Heineken