Legend Firkin is Not Vegan Friendly

by Legend Brewery
Address: 321 West 7th Street
Richmond, VA
Phone: 804.232.8871
Email: john@legendbrewing.com
URL: http://www.legendbrewing.com
Checked by: Afton
Double checked by: Jordan
Added: almost 7 years ago

Company email:

"We do use isinglass in some of our beers to expedite yeast flocculation...then there is the yeast itself to consider I suppose. Other than that, just grain,hops and water. I hope this helps."


"We do use isinglass sometimes, but not exclusively to any beer style necessarily. It depends on how our filtration schedule works out week to week. So I can't honestly say that any of our regular lineup of beers would never have been isinglassed, although some of them rarely see it. The only exeption 100% would be Hefeweizen which is unfiltered. "

Older Company Email:
"Our beers are free of any animal ingredients. They are filtered through sheets impregnated with diatomaceous earth, which are exoskeletons of microscopic prehistoric creatures.

You should look it up, it's pretty interesting how it's just about the perfect media for filtering yeast, which is necessary for making all beer and I would consider it an animal ingredient. Maybe beer is out altogether?"

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