Brass Castle Best is Vegan Friendly

by Brass Castle Brewery
Address: 82 Market Street, Brass Castle Hill
Pocklington, East Yorks, YO42 2AB
Phone: 07563 579723
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We are a new nano-brewery based in Pocklington, East Yorkshire, UK. We produce cask-conditioned beer. We have 3 different ales at the moment:

- Cliffhanger (3.8%) - hop-laden golden ale, infused with a wave of citrus notes (our homage to volunteer Coastguard Rescue Teams)

- Best (4.4%) - our malt-forward best bitter.

- Bad Kitty (5.5%) - a robust vanilla porter

The brewery is 100% vegan-owned, managed and operated. Our beer does not contain any animal ingredients and no animal products are used in the processing/filtration of the beer. Our beer is not manufactured by anyone else but us.

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