Abbeydale 1868 is Unknown

by Abbeydale Brewery
Address: 8 Aizlewood Road
Sheffield, S8 0YX
Phone: 0114 281 2712
Checked by: Andy R
Double checked by: Lindsay
Added: 3 months ago

Company email (June 2018)
"We currently have quite a few beers that are vegan friendly.

"The beers in the following ranges are all unfined and vegan friendly.

Voyager (our range of IPAs)
Serenity (our range of Session IPAs)
Deliverance (our range of Double IPAs)

"Some off our Salvations are vegan friendly, but you are correct that we have added Lactose to some of the beers. Some of our one off specials are unfined too. Some beers are fined in cask, but unfined in keg and can, like the Birdhouse Tea beer we have just released.

"The majority of our more traditional cask beers are all fined using isinglass, so are not vegan friendly, but we try and make drinkers aware where possible when a beer is unfined by using pump clip toppers..."

Lindsay notes "from the descriptions salvation #5 contains doughnuts (egg) and salvation #7 contains lactose."

Company email (circa 2010)
"We use Isinglass in the beers"

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