Australian Vintage Wine - Other is Not Vegan Friendly

by Australian Vintage
Address: 6 - 8 Ivory House, Plantation Wharf
London, SW11 3TN
Phone: 44 (0207) 924 8095
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Company email (September 2018)
"Unfortunately, we do not have any vegan friendly wines at present, however we are investigating the feasibility of introducing a vegan friendly wine range to our portfolio. We recognise the growth in veganism and the potential for this category, but the concept is in its early stages at the moment."

Company email (October 2012):
"Thank you for your email regarding the content of McGuigan Wines.

All of our White Wines and fined using Skim Milk and/or Gelatine.
All of our Red Wines are fined using Egg White and/or Gelatine.

In theory these fining agents should be flocculated and removed via filtration before bottling.
However this cannot be guaranteed and traces may still remain in the wines.
So from this, unfortunately they are unsuitable for vegans."

Company email:
"I am the UK based winemaker for McGuigan Wines. I am afraid that all our wines have been fined using animal based fining agents; often gelatin, egg or diary based fining agents and we can’t recommend therefore that these wines would be suitable for vegans. There is continued research in this field to develop fining agents that are plant based and move away from the animal based winemaking products. These are still not yet as effective for producing well balanced approachable wines of good quality and so the preference in the industry remains for the animal based fining agents."

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