Fierce Split Shift is Vegan Friendly

by Fierce Beer
Address: Unit 45-46 Howe Moss Avenue
Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 0GP
Checked by: Bob
Double checked by: Simon
Added: over 1 year ago

Company email (April 2018)

"The not vegan friendly beers are: Moose Mousse, Imperial Café Racer, Very Big Moose, Very Big Moose – Tonka, NEIPA: Red Rye." (note that Cranachan Killer contains honey)

Simon notes (April 2018) that Moose Mouse is now listed as vegetarian, not vegan.

Pulled from their website's fact sheets (February 2018)

Fierce Day Shift - Vegan Friendly
Fierce Moose Mousse - Vegan Friendly
Fierce Easy Shift - Vegan Friendly
Fierce Night Shift - Vegan Friendly
Fierce Cranachan Killer - Not Vegan Friendly

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