Amstel - New Zealand is Vegan Friendly

by Monteiths New Zealand
Address: 1 Bairds Road PO Box 22010
Auckland, Auckland
New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 259 3000
Checked by: Ian
Double checked by: Lisa Y, Shane, Ariana
Added: over 7 years ago
Double Checked: about 7 years ago

Company email (June 2017)
"DB Export utilises isinglass finings prior to filtration and therefore would not be considered vegan friendly."

Company email (May 2017)
"We do use isinglass within some of our breweries for filtration purposes but we then remove it from the brews with our final filtration process. However traces may remain within some of our beers. We do not use any such elements within our cidery though. All Monteith’s products across beer and cider are produced in NZ only."

Company Email (circa 2011)
"Unfortunately we have to say that we cannot always claim a ‘vegan’ status for Monteith’s Beers .

For the majority of the time Monteith’s beer would have a ‘vegan’ status , but for times when the beer is more difficult to filter, we will use a fining agent (isinglass) to assist in the clarification of the beer. This fining material is virtually entirely removed during filtration processes leaving only trace residues that are so small we cannot detect it. Monteith’s is not brewed anywhere else …it is only brewed in NZ. We also add rata honey to Monteith’s Summer beer.
The Heineken , Amstel , Amstel Light and Tiger beers we brew do have a full vegan status and no isinglass is used in their brewing."

Company Email:
"The beers like Heineken , Amstel ,Amstel Light and Tiger that we brew meet your critera .
However , for some of the Monteith’s and DB beers, we reserve the practise of using finings for difficult to filter beers at some of our breweries. Over time we are reducing fining practises and at our large Waitemata Brewery (~75% of our beer production) the beers brewed are free of fining."

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