Mother's Snapback is Vegan Friendly

by Mother's Brewing Company
Address: 215 South Grant Ave
Springfield, Missouri, 65806
Phone: 417-862-0423
Checked by: Cassie
Double checked by: Company, Joshua
Added: about 1 year ago

Company email (May 2018) re S'more Money, S'more Problems Oatmeal Imperial Stout:
"No animal products... Actually, let me double check that tomorrow. I’m not sure if we used real marshmallow or not. I’ll get back to you! [time passes] Ok, final word is 100% vegan"

Company email (July 2017)
"All of our beer is vegan."

Company email (July 2011):

"Thank you for including us in the directory! As of right now, there are no animal products in our beers which include: Towhead, Sandi Wheat, Lil' Helper and Three Blind Mice. All our beer is currently manufactured and processed at our one location in Springfield Missouri. Please let us know if you have any other questions!!"

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