Aldi's Everyday Essentials Value Scotch Whisky is Vegan Friendly

by Aldi (UK)
Address: Holly Lane, Atherstone
Warwickshire, CV9 2SQ
Phone: 0800 042 0800
Checked by: Veronica
Double checked by: Lisa, Katy, George, Cali, Adrienne, Chris
Added: 4 months ago

July 2017: Chris pointed us to Aldi's vegan listings at$sGRvEqP0A.pdf

Company email (May 2017):
"Earths Harvest Merlot wine, is not vegan certified."

Company email (May 2017):
"We can confirm [Norrsken cider] is suitable for Vegans"

Company email (March 2017):
"I have reviewed this product and have confirmed with our Buying Department that the product is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Apologies for the confusion."

Company email (February 2017):
"We can confirm that our Rivet Lager Beer is not suitable for vegans. "

Katy notes (December 2016) that the Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut is listed as vegan on their website.

Company email (June 2016):
"We can confirm that the [Oscar's Ready to Serve] Cosmopolitan cocktail drink is suitable for vegans."

Company email (June 2015):
"I can confirm that the Exquisite Collection Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans."

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