Grolsch is Vegan Friendly

Checked by: Josh
Double checked by: Nykle, Tilo
Added: almost 4 years ago

Company email: May 2010
"We can tell you that we don’t use animal-products."

Company email: Oct 2008
Thank you for taking the time to contact Import and Craft Specialty Brands. We value your interest in our company and the Grolsch Premium Lager brand.

Introduced in 1615, Grolsch is currently the second best-selling lager in the Netherlands and one of the top import brands in the United States. Brewed using the finest natural ingredients, Grolsch has a naturally high carbonation which produces a creamy head and a smooth, full-bodied taste.

Grolsch is brewed using completely naturally processes and no animal by-products (isinglass, gelatin, cartilage, etc.) are used to brew the beer. For reference, Grolsch received the "Best Vegetarian Beer" award in 2003 from the UK Vegetarian Society ( ).

We hope this information is helpful, and that you're able to raise a pint of Grolsch again soon!

Additional email:
"I�ve been to the Grolsch Brewery (which is 10 km from my house) and asked if their beer is vegan friendly. They told me it is 100%."

Another inquiry re: Carling Black Label (which isn't vegan friendly) also stated that "Grolsch is our product which is suitable for vegetarians and vegans"