Ridge Wine is Not Vegan Friendly

by Ridge Vineyards
Address: 17100 Monte Bello Road
Cupertino, CA, 95014
Phone: 408-868-1350
Email: wine@ridgewine.com
URL: http://www.ridgewine.com
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Added: about 4 years ago

Company Email:
"To try and answer your question, as a general matter of winemaking practice, we do not use any animal products, however, this is not 100% the case. There are infrequent times when, for the purpose of tannin reduction in reds, egg whites are used to fine the wines, and isinglass is very occasionally used to remove yellow pigments in chardonnay. So while these are by far and away the exceptions to the rule, it would not be accurate to classify us as strictly vegan. I should think vegan-friendly might be more appropriate. Ridge is in fact at the forefront of a push to see wine labels follow food industry practices of including all ingredients on wine labels. Should this movement succeed, this would ideally make your task a much easier one!"