Klickitat Canyon Organic Pinot Noir is Vegan Friendly

by Klickitat Canyon Winery
Address: 6 Lyle Snowden Road
Lyle, Washington, 98635
Phone: 509-365-2900
Email: klickitatcanyonwinery@gmail.com
URL: http://www.klickitatcanyonwinery.com/
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Added: almost 3 years ago

Company email (August 2016):
"All of our wines are completely vegan without any additives or chemistry at all. Our wines are unfiltered and living. They contain beneficial microbes for a healthy lifestyle. We ferment our grapes on their native yeasts and use a very sustainable form of agriculture called "Eco-dynamic Agriculture". With this methodology we run the vineyard as if it were part of the native ecosystem. We time activities so as not to disturb ground-nesting birds and we plant native flora among our vines. This form of agriculture allows us to rely on nature's natural forms of pest-control for our benefit and create a harmonious relationship with our land."

Company email (circa 2010):
"We are a small winery in the Columbia Gorge on the Washington State side and we make vegan wines.
Our process is pretty simple. We ferment the grapes on their own native yeast and don't add anything to the wine and we don't filter the wine.
We heard about you through somebody who uses your site as a go-to reference and would love to be added since we're one of the few wineries in this area vegans can safely buy from.

All our processes are open to the public, and in fact include the public in all our harvests, crushings, care, etc."

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