Old Forge Beers is Vegan Friendly

by Old Forge Brewing
Address: 282 Mill Street
Danville, PA, 17821
Phone: 570-275-8151
Email: info@oldforgebrewingcompany.com
URL: http://oldforgebrewingcompany.com/
Checked by: Eric G
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Added: about 6 years ago

Company Email:
"We do not use anything post fermentation for clarification purposes. We do use Irish Moss in the brew kettle to help precipitate the "hot break" (proteins, etc.). The only thing added after that would be hops and yeast. If we do any specialty beers, we may add fruit, spices, herbs, or other materials after the brewhouse, but right now we do not. None of our beers have any of the products you mentioned, however, some day they may if we decide to make a beer that would include any of those items. If that happens, we would have that in the description."