O'Fallon Gold - bottles is Not Vegan Friendly

by O'Fallon Brewery
Address: 26 West Industrial Drive
O'Fallon, MO, 63366
Phone: 636-281-4733
Email: info@ofallonbrewery.com
URL: http://www.ofallonbrewery.com/
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Added: over 8 years ago

Update: January 2010
Company Email:
"We do use gelatin in our O'Fallon Gold bottles. I recently had to start
using it in the Gold only at our brewery in Wisconsin because that beer is filtered, but we do not use it on the Gold draft that is produced in
O'Fallon. Every other beer that we do here and in WI is free of any animal
products or processing aids."

Company Email:
"Thanks for the inquiry about our beers being Vegan friendly. This is a point that has been raised before and I am happy to tell you that we try to stay as natural as possible when producing our craft beers.
There are four basic ingredients in all of our beers: water, malted grains, hops and yeast. We used to filter our beer using D.E. filter pads, which are the industry standard and these pads did contain the skeletal remains of diatoms, which are usually microscopic unicellular organisms (not animals), but we have since switched to a fiber based pad that does not contain diatomaceous earth. I am happy to say that I think you are safe to drink all of our beers and continue safely on your vegan path."

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