Meantime Raspberry Wheat Beer is Vegan Friendly

by Meantime Brewing Co. Ltd.
Address: Blackwall Lane
London, SE10 0AR
Phone: +44 (0)208 293 1111
Fax: 0
Checked by: Carole
Double checked by: Ian, Paul
Added: over 3 years ago

Company email (November 2015):
"All our beers are suitable for vegans, so you’re in luck there!"

[Note that as of at least May 2015 it appears Meantime doesn't offer cask ale according to, rendering the below obsolete]

Company email:
"All our bottled beer and kegged beer are suitable for Vegan’s as no animal based filtration or finings aids are used.
However some of our cask beers may not be suitable as they are fined with isinglass finings (These are fish based products)"

Note from Carole:
"I’ve seen this company’s beers available in London, was going to send them the standard questions, and then noticed that this was on their website:

All Meantime's bottled and kegged beers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as no animal based filtration or finings aids are employed. Meantime's cask beers are fined with isinglass finings, which are a fish based product, and therefore may not be suitable for vegans and some vegetarians. "

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