Black Rock is Not Vegan Friendly

by The Winery of Good Hope
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Somerset West, 7129 Cape
South Africa
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Added: about 8 years ago

Company Email about all labels:
"My original answer does apply to all of them yes, although with the Radford
Dale and Black Rock wines, we tend to intervene as little as possible and
generally avoid fining of these reds."

Company Email:
"The Vinum Africa Cab ’06 is Vegan-friendly…! "

Company Email about Vinum:
"We do sometimes use isinglass for our white wines to facilitate the flocculation of Bentonite when protein stabilising. For our reds, we sometimes have used a gelatine based fining agent in the past, but evaluate each wine on its own merits and thus some wines will not contain any such animal derived substances. "

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