Frey Organic Merlot 2012 is Vegan Friendly

by Frey Vineyards
Address: 14000 Tomki Rd
Redwood Valley, CA, 95470
Phone: 1-800-760-3739
Checked by: Amy Miller Bunk
Double checked by: TJ, Douglass, Sarah
Added: over 3 years ago

Company email (September 2013):
[Do Frey wines contain any animal ingredients (such as milk, eggs, honey, etc) or are animal products used in the processing/filtration of the product (such as isinglass, gelatin, etc)?]
No, to all the above.

[Also, is your product manufactured anywhere else in the world (by a sub-licensee, for instance) that might use a different processing system?]

From their website ( December 2011:

"Frey Organic Wines are Vegan Wines, as well as Gluten Free: No Animal or Gluten-Based Fining Agents are Used"

Q&A with Frey and their vegan -status.

"I did not personally call them, but they did win the 2003 Veggie Award from Vegnews as the favorite vegan wine."

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