Stone & Wood Jasper Ale is Vegan Friendly

by Stone & Wood Brewery
Address: 4 Boronia Place
Byron Bay, New South Wales, 2481
Phone: (02) 6685 5173
Checked by: Gillian
Double checked by: John, Dean, Anna, Christine
Added: over 5 years ago
Double Checked: about 1 year ago

Company email (December 2017)
"Our beers are vegan friendly. Our beers do not contain animal products and we do not use animal products in the processing/filtration. Our beer is only brewed in the Northern Rivers of NSW in our two breweries."

Company email (November 2017)
"All our beers are vegan-friendly, we don't use any animal products at any point in the production of our beers. The Northern Rivers of NSW is the spiritual home of Stone & Wood and we brew all our beer from either our Byron Bay or Murwillumbah breweries."

Note from John (December 2015):
"From a beevana expo wellington 2015 I chatted to these brewers in person and confirmed they were vegan."

Company email (August 2015):
"We may dabble one day with a gluten free beer but currently do not have one available, in answer to your other question yes, our beers are indeed 100% Vegan"

Company email (March 2013):
"Yes our beers are Vegan, so feel free to indulge yourself!"

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