W J King & Co has some vegan options

Address: 3-5 Jubilee Estate , Foundry Lane
Hosham, West Sussex, RH13 5UE
Phone: 01403 272102
Email: sales@kingbeer.co.uk
URL: www.kingbeer.co.uk
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Added: about 3 years ago
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Products by W J King & Co:

Note from Bones:
"The head brewer Ian Burgess has just taken the time to personally telephone me (Wednesday 06 April 2011) and assure me that WJ King's bottled beers are indeed suitable for vegans as they are fined using carrageenan.
Ian is a most helpful chap and his enthusiasm for his beers had me almost salivating down the 'phone; In fact I am considering jumping in the car and driving straight down the the brewery!
They are a relatively new set-up (less than a year old) and still finding their feet, but Ian expressed an interest in getting their beers accredited by the Vegan Society (UK)."